English German Exchange 2018

GruppeHi everybody, we proudly present the diary of our trip to the UK in April 2018. We had a great time in England and we can recommend the English exchange to every pupil of our Realschule Neutraubling. Read and enjoy:


Monday 9/4/2018 Regensburg - Munich - London

At 10 a.m. we met at Regensburg Central Station to go to the airport in Munich. We were all very excited and really looking forward to a great week in the United Kingdom. After saying good bye to our parents we got on the train with our teachers Mrs Freihoffer, Mrs Werkmann and our second deputy headteacher Mr Reisinger. In the afternoon we arrived in London. Our hotel was right in the centre of London - this was a fantastic position - in the neighboorhood to the huge BBC skyscraper. Indeed we only walked a few minutes to Oxford Circus. So we started a little tour: We went to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and did a bit of shopping on Oxford Street. As we all were very tired in the evening, we went tobed early after having dinner at Mc Donalds.


GruppeTuesday, 10/04/2018 London - Liverpool

At 8`clock in the morning we had breakfast in the Aston Court Hotel, where we slept that night, too.
Then at 8:30 am, we went to the worldwide known sights of London by tube, by the red London buses and on foot. We saw the most famous sights, for example Travalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Saint James Park, the Globe Theatre, St Paul`s Cathedral, the old Liberty department store and the Millennium Bridge, which we had known from the Harry Potter movies.
In front of Buckingham Palace there were lots of tourists and we even met the football team of the famous Spanish club FC Villareal. And in Hyde Park we had lunch. In the late afternoon we got back to our hotel. Next, we went to the supermarket “Tesco”, there we bought food and drinks for our journey to Liverpool. After this we had to go to our train, which left at 6:07 p.m. from London Euston Station. We arrived in Liverpool at 8:20p.m. and we were picked up by our host families.


Wednesday, 11/4/2018 Formby/ Liverpool - Southport

GruppeOur third day in England was our first day in Liverpool and we started at Range High School. At first all the German pupils and teachers were warmly welcomed by the headteacher Mr Aldridge. Next we German pupils had to ask our exchange partners some personal questions in English and then the English had to ask the same questions in German to find out something about each other, to get to know each other better and to ‘break the ice’ between us. Then only the Germans experienced a special history lesson by an English teacher who talked about the famous Gunpowder Plot and Henry VIII and his six wives. That was easy to understand for us and very interesting.
At 11:37 a.m. the English and the German pupils went to Southport with the English teacher Mr Mackenzie and our three teachers from Germany by Merseyrail. In Southport we all enjoyed some free time for shopping, eating, looking at the town and doing other activities before meeting again at 2:00 p.m. for a guided tour through the ‘Town Hall’ of Southport. The mayor gave us some information about Town Council Meetings in the Town Hall which are almost the same as in Germany. He also showed us some pieces of furniture in memory of the Second World War, pictures of all the mayors of ‘Sefton’, special old rooms and we found out that the Town Hall was built in 1851. But the major especially talked about ‘Sefton’. He told us that different places joined together in 1974 to build a Management Unit called ‘Sefton’ where the mayor has got a higher position than all the Bundestag deputies. The last information we got was that there are 76 town councils in Sefton, then we were allowed to sit down on the mayor’s seat and to have a little discussion about the Brexit in the room where all the mayors usually vote.
We departed from Southport at 3:28 p.m. and returned to Formby where we pupils were picked up by our English exchange parents to enjoy the end of the day at their homes.
We all think that this day was nice, interesting and a great experience!


GruppeThursday, 12/4/2018 Liverpool

We met in the dining area of Formby High School at 9 a.m. From there, the Mersey Railroad took us to the centre of Liverpool. It lasted about thirty minutes. Then we went to the port, where the Titanic Museum was. We did a quiz about the Titanic and learned a lot of new things. Afterwards we walked along the river Mersey, saw many old buildings and took thousands of pictures with our mobile phones. When we were back in the centre of Liverpool, we had two hours of spare-time. All of us went to a fast food restaurant and to the shops. After that, everybody was really tired and we took the Mersey Railroad back to Formby where we were picked up by our host families.


GruppeFriday 13/4/2018 Chester

It was a regular day. To catch the train we had to get up at 6:30 a.m. Shortly after arriving in Chester, our guided tour through this lovely old town started. At first our guide showed us the „Town Hall Square“. It is the place where 2000 years before the Romans built a fort called „Castra Deva“ which means the fort on the river Dee. Afterwards we went to „Chester Cathedral“. Our guide told us that the cathedral was built by Hugues Avranches, the earl of Chester. But when he built it, it was used to be a church. He founded the „Benedictine Monastery“ in 1092 which became „ Chester Cathedral“ 500 years later during the reign of Henry the 8th. After this we went to the „Rows of Chester“, these are world famous shopping galleries on two levels. There are about 180 small shops on the „Rows“. GruppeNext we visited the „Central Square“, known as the cross. We went down the street until we stopped in front of a hotel called „The Oddfellows Hall“. In the hotel there was a room which was made to look like a scene from „Mad Hatter`s Teaparty“ in the famous film „Alice in Wonderland“. After that we walked to the „Roman amphitheatre“. In this theatre are seats for about 6000 people. Also it is the biggest amphitheatre in England! At last we visited a famous clock, called „Eastgate Clock“. The people of Chester called the clock „Cestrians". It is not far away from the amphitheatre. The clock should be a memorial to Queen Victoria. After the last sight, the Eastgate clock, the trip around Chester was completed. Our teachers told us we would have two hours to buy souvenirs, food, postcards, or something to drink. We and our classmates ate fish and chips and visited some little shops. After these two hours we went on the train again and everybody was rather tired. Everyone thought about the past day. Chester is not comparable to a city in Germany, it is very British, very individual and in every way very special. It is an incredible experience to be in Chester once in a lifetime.

We spent the weekend with our host families. Some of us went to a theme park, to the Anfield football stadium or to the famous horse race which took place on Sunday.


GruppeMonday 16/4/2018 Liverpool

At first we went to school. In the first period we could do what we wanted to, so we joined our partners in their subjects. For most of us it was a geography lesson about hot deserts - very interesting and not too hard to understand. Then we went to the sports hall we were so confused because first we didn´t know what we had to do. The English teacher said that we would play Dutchball. So the Liverpool pupils played the first round that we were able to see how it would work. But the problem was that some of our pupil didn’t know the rules. The German guys played against each other and some of them didn’t want to accept that they were out. After these funny warm up activities the Germans played against the English boys and girls. We were so bad and we lost 3 times. But never mind
Then we went to a popular protestant cathedral in Liverpool. This ist he 5th biggest cathedral in the world. The visit was exciting and the best thing was the pillar. If you whistle in them you can hear them from the other side.
In the evening we went to Southport to play lasertag and to bowl - it was our last evening in England. Lasertag was exactly like that in Germany . It was so thrilling, funny and really close. There was a small casino, too and some spent a lot of money on some rip off machines like Mrs Freihoffer, who really lost quite a few pounds on gambling. Unbelievable:) - it was such great fun for her and us. Bowling was fantastic, too, by the way.


Tuesday 17/4/2018 Liverpool - Manchester - Munich - Regensburg


Early in the morning we met at Range High School for a last time to get on the coach to Manchester airport. We said good bye to our English friends and their parents - thank you so much, we all had an unforgettable week in Formby with lots of new experiences and adventures. We savely landed in Munich an went back to Regensburg on train where our parents picked us up from the station.

Finally we would like to thank our teachers Mrs Freihoffer, Mrs Werkmann and our deputy headteacher Mr Reisinger for accompanying us to the UK and our headmaster Mr Gruber who had even allowed us to stay in London for two days before going to Liverpool. We also want to say thank you to the teachers of Range High School, especially to Mr. Mackenzie for all the complete organization in England - it was an amazing programme! - , and last but not least thank you to the headmaster of Range High School, Mr Aldridge, for making the exchange possible for us. Thank you all so much for everything!!!


Savannah, Sarah, Monja, Veronika, Theresa, Johannes V., Johannes P., Johannes, Basti, Jakob
8th form