BA Travel Diary on our week in Broadstairs, UK

Sunday 21st May 2023
At 5:00 am we (45 students 8th form) met in front of the RSN with our teachers, Mrs Bauer, Mrs Werkmann, Mr Braun and Mrs Baier. We were in a good mood, tired of course and excited about our trip to England. A long journey on the bus and on a ferry across the Channel was ahead of us. We hopped on the buses, waved our parents a last "Good-bye" and off we went! After having crossed Germany, Belgium and Northern France we checked in at Calais and got on our ferry to Dover. A magnific sunset and a nice dish of – guess what? – fish & chips were the highlights of that evening. We took a lot of pictures of The White Cliffs of Dover, a famous landmark. Another hour on the coach and eventually, we arrived at 9:30 pm at Broadstairs. Everyone was picked up by their host parents and we had our first conversation in English with genuine English people! Surprise, it turned out to work very well! And then we all were looking forward to only one thing after this exhausting journey of 18 hours, a nice bedroom and a good night sleep.

Monday 22nd May 2023 (adapted from Miriam, Samia, Josef and Hanna, 8d)
As we woke up, the breakfast was already waiting for us. That was a good start into the day! We had toast. Then our host mother showed us the way to school. It was beautiful because we could see the coast and the sea next to us. We met the rest of our classmates as well as our teachers at the school entrance. We had classes all the morning and in the first lesson (starting at 9:00 o´clock) we had to do a kind of language test. In my opinion the test was not as hard as I had thought before. The English teachers were also very nice and friendly. They told us some important rules, for example to watch out carefully when crossing the street because… the English drive on the left-hand side! After the classes we went to a pizzeria where we could pay with the vouchers from the KSE, very practically! After lunch we started an observation rallye in groups of four pupils. We had to find out about some places and things in the city centre of Broadstairs. Fortunately, the weather was fine. However it was a bit difficult to search for the different places and answer the questions. (Our group wasn´t the winner of the quiz, but never mind, the first prize was a lollipop!) In the evening we went to the disco. That was a lot of fun! The music was great, and we danced a lot. It was a bit hard to find the way back home in the dark, but we managed it. I think it was a beautiful day!

Tuesday 23rd May 2023 (adapted from Lena, Simone, Fine, Domenik, Marie and Maria, 8c)
This day we had classes both in the morning and in the afternoon because we had to catch up the classes we would miss on Wednesday due to our trip to London. The first lesson at the KSE started as usual at 9:00 am and was about social media. It was, like all the other classes at this language school, very interesting and easy to follow. At 5:00 pm we went back to dinner at our host families. This evening we met at the KSE again for barn dance which we enjoyed very much. At 10:00 we went straight home and to bed.

Wednesday 24th May 2023 (adapted from Susanne, Marie, Veronika,8b and others)
This morning we were heading for England`s capital, LONDON. After two hours on the coach, we arrived at Greenwich where we started our boat trip on the river Thames. We could see a lot of the famous London sights, it was amazing to pass them, and nobody missed their chance to take masses of photos: Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre, The London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, what a spectacular show! Then we got off the river boat and walked to Parliament Square with its massive statues of important personalities, like that of Winston Churchill. It´s the only statue that wasn´t looking onto the lawn in the middle of the square but at his favourite pub by the other side of the Thames, as we were told on our guided walk through the city- centre. We could spot out a memorial for the women of World War II, two guardians on their horses, the exact place where King Charles I was executed and eventually Buckingham Palace. The Mall, this famous alley leading from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square was amazingly impressive. It was an awesome view and for many of us the unforgettable highlight of the day. But of course, there were many more others: Going on a shopping tour at Covent Garden! Getting an original "Rock Café London"-T-Shirt! After two and a half hours everybody had found something exciting, beautiful or yummy for themselves or their families at home in Germany. All in all a great day out. 

Thursday 25th May 2023 (adapted from Alexander, Timo, Paul, Dimitri, 8a and others)
On our fifth day in England, we already had got used to many things that were new to us the days before. The daily morning routine, classes, lunch in the city and an activity in the afternoon: a coach trip to Canterbury! There we visited the world-famous cathedral. Our tour guide told us a lot of interesting historical facts about this beautiful and outstanding building. Then we had enough time to look around and do some shopping in the old city centre. Back in Broadstairs, we had dinner at our host family´s place. It was quite natural and easier to listen to an English conversation and talk to our host families. At first it seemed like being in a movie, but a short time it felt like a second home. Afterwards we joined the Karaoke evening at a place on High Street called Cramptons. Some of us took their chance to sing like the famous stars in their very own version, others were listening, chatting and dancing. It was another great evening. 

Friday, 26th May 2023 (adapted from Larissa, Luisa, Lotta, Hannes and Jakob, 8e)
After a few days we felt really at home now in Broadstairs because our host family was very nice and caring. Every day they cooked delicious meals and asked how our day had been. After the morning classes we had our lunch break at the beach, which is lovely especially on a warm and sunny day. The afternoon activity was a coastal walk to another small place called Ramsgate, not too far away from Broadstairs. This was our last day in the UK, time to say "Good-bye and thank you for a wonderful week" to our host-parents. We got on our coach and back to Dover. We had dinner on the ferry, then back onto the bus and straight away home. Well, there were a couple of hours ahead of us.

Saturday, 27th May 2023 (adapted from Korbinian, Carina, Saskia, 8d) 
We passed Bruxelles, Aachen and Cologne, where we could get a glance at the cathedral and Frankfurt`s amazing airport and many other cities. On Saturday morning, at 11:00 am we arrived at Neutraubling. Everyone was exhausted and tired after this long journey, but also excited about seeing their families again. We really enjoyed our unforgettable trip to England and hope that everyone loved it as much as we did.

Thanks to our teachers and the English staff at KSE. We all can be proud of our language certificates from the KSE and we will never forget this wonderful week!