Christmas Cards

Pupils at Neutraubling secondary school spread Christmas cheer all the way to London

Die Schüler der BILI Klasse mit ihren Christmas cards

The pupils of the bilingual religion class at Neutraubling secondary school have launched a special Christmas campaign this year. With a great deal of creativity and social commitment, they designed their own Christmas cards with Bible verses and encouraging sayings in English. The special thing about this campaign is that the lovingly designed cards were sent to the Prince's Trust of King Charles in London, where they are intended to bring special joy to those in need during a Christmas dinner.

Julian kreiert eine persönliche Mutmachkarte
Sophie formuliert ihre Christmas Botschaft

The idea for the project originated in the bilingual religion class led by Mrs Werkmann. The pupils were enthusiastic about the opportunity not only to improve their language skills, but also to make a contribution to a good cause. Together, they set about designing Christmas cards that featured traditional Christmas motifs as well as selected Bible verses and encouraging messages in English. Once the cards were finished, they were carefully packaged and sent to the Prince's Trust of King Charles in London. The students' anticipation was great when they learnt that the cards were to be distributed to those in need at a Christmas dinner. However, the response to their campaign exceeded all expectations. In a letter that reached the school, the Prince's Trust expressed its heartfelt thanks for the lovingly designed cards. The Christmas joy of the young people from Neutraubling had indeed found its way to London and brought a smile to the faces of those in need. The pupils are overjoyed that their campaign was so well received and that they were able to help bring special joy to people in a difficult life situation.

Stefan und Leo präsentieren stolz ihre Karten

The social commitment of the young people at Neutraubling secondary school shows that young people can make a significant contribution to society through creative ideas and the use of their skills.