Royal Card

School Class 10c That Wrote Coronation Card Receives Heartfelt Thank You from King Charles

Students' Handwritten Congratulations Elicit Royal Gratitude

By 10c and Mrs Werkman
Published: September 16, 2023

London, UK/ Neutraubling - In a heartwarming turn of events, class 10c from  Realschule Neutraubling has received a heartfelt thank you card from none other than King Charles himself. The royal gesture comes in response to a thoughtful card they had written to congratulate the King on his coronation earlier this year. The idea to send their well-wishes to the monarch began as a class project initiated by their teacher, Ms. Werkmann. She believed that such an activity could not only enhance her students' understanding of the monarchy but also teach them the importance of showing respect and appreciation.

Guided by their teacher, the students crafted a beautiful handmade card, each contributing their own unique messagee. Little did they know that their heartfelt effort would reach the King's desk. King Charles, who ascended to the throne earlier this year, was deeply moved by the gesture. In a gracious response to the class, he sent a handwritten thank you card bearing his official crest, expressing his gratitude for their well-wishes and sharing his thoughts on their beautiful card. The letter read, "Dear students of Realschule Neutraubling, I was deeply touched to receive your thoughtful and beautifully crafted coronation card. Your kind words warmed my heart, and the artwork was truly exceptional. Thank you for making my coronation even more special. With warm regards, Charles R."

The news of King Charles' response left both the students and their teacher overjoyed and filled with a sense of pride. 
The school is now planning to frame the thank you card and the response from King Charles, preserving this memorable moment for generations to come.